Computer Science with Python: Textbook for CBSE Class 11 (2021-2022 Session)


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His latest edition of computer Science with Python for Class XI (083) aims at providing an in-depth understanding of the CBSE curriculum. It strictly adheres to the latest syllabus and guidelines laid down by the Board. The book focuses on teaching Python language to help students learn programming concepts and develop problem-solving skills. With easy-to-understand examples, flow charts, self-explanatory diagrams and other such tools in the book, students will learn to design the logic of a program and then implement that program using Python. The book contains ample concise and practical example programs along with diagrams and instances from real-life situations. Besides, objective type questions, case-based/Source-Based integrated questions, Every br>Chapter contains tested, debugged and error-free codes with screenshots. Based on the CBSE curriculum, this book has been divided into three units: br>Unit 1: Computer system organizational 1, 2, 3 br>Unit 2: computational thinking and programming-1—chapters 4 to 10 br>Unit 3: society, law and ethics—chapters 11 & 12 The book includes ample viva voce questions, A sample Paper (Solved) based on the CBSE Sample Paper and a model Test Paper for practice. Ctm (commit to memory), points to Remember for easy recall of important terms and concepts and learning tips are other notable features of the book. Besides, presentation on Python, Chapter-wise program codes, practical file, two Sample Papers, two model test papers for practice and Python software dump are available online and can be accessed at sultan-chand.Com/Ws/Python11.

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