Golden English Language and Literature: A book with a Differene for Class – 9

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Golden English-Language and Literature for Class IX has been thoroughly revised and updated in strict accordance with the latest CBSE Syllabus and Examination Specifications issued by the CBSE beginning the present academic session. While revising this book every care has been taken to incorporate all the changes in all the sections, viz, Reading, Writing, Grammar and Literature. Nothing has been left to cover all aspects of the Examination Specifications.
Students shall see that Comprehension Questions have been updated in Reading Section. Writing and Grammar Sections have been fully revised as per the latest CBSE Syllabus and Supply Type Questions in Literature Section have been provided. Likewise, all these changes have duly been incorporated at all the places and in different formats strictly in accordance with the latest CBSE Guidelines. Structured in this way, the book has become very valuable for the students as it will enable them to grasp the subject content easily and without any tension. The thorough analysis of the Textbooks is the book’s plus point which will enable the students to understand and grasp the subject properly. The questions have been created in accordance with the demands of the CBSE at the point of annual examination.
Golden Sample Papers as per New CBSE Syllabus have been given at the end of the book to assess the learning of the students.

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