NCERT Solutions Chemistry 12th by Arihant

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The book covers Chemistry topics for the class 12 students in a comprehensive and understandable way. The subject is covered in depth for students while conforming to the latest syllabi and examination pattern and staying concise in the descriptions.

The book holds value as preparatory material for candidates preparing for their class XII board examinations and are also up for competitive entrance examination for prestigious engineering or medical colleges in the country.

NCERT paradigm problems have been simplified for easy understanding. The book covers topics like Solid State, Electrochemistry, Chemical Kinetics, Process of Isolation of elements, s- block elements, p-block elements, d and f-block elements and their properties, Coordination Compounds, halo alkanes and halo arenes, biomolecules, chemistry in everyday life, polymers and copolymers and Organic Chemistry.

Each topic has been approached with problems and their solutions to it for better understanding of the underlying scientific fundamentals. Special cases or exceptions to the applying rules have been explained with examples.

There are numerous exercises for the student to attempt and gain a wider concept of the topic. The difficult questions from the exercises have been solved with a step by step approach explained in detail. The NCRT chemistry solutions helps in augmenting knowledge about the subject that also does give an advantage, when appearing for competitive examinations.

About the author:
Geeta Rastogi, is a chemistry teacher of long years experience in teaching the subject for school students as well as those preparing for competitive examinations. She is the author of many chemistry books, many of which are additional study material for students appearing in the 10 or 12th board examinations of are to sit for competitive entrance examinations.

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